Course curriculum

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    Welcome! Please watch this first!

    • Welcome to Mastering Centers for Good - Watch the introduction video first.

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    Course Workbook

    • Download your course guide book here!

  • 3

    Agenda and Course Overview

    • An introduction and overview of how the course is setup. As well as what will be gained when the course is complete!

    • Introduction

    • Problems We'll be Addressing

  • 4

    Section 1: Center Setup

    • In this section, you'll learn how to set up centers in a way that makes sense, providing flow and function, keeping students at the forefront.

  • 5

    Module 1: Superb Center Setup Strategies

    • Small Group Organization, Organization Systems that Make Sense, Rotations Display, Materials Needed – You and Students, Flow and Function, The Layout – A Visual Map Guide

    • Small Group Essentials

    • In Depth Organization Video

  • 6

    Section 2: Center Organization

    • Learn tips for organizational systems designed to work for you the whole year.

  • 7

    Module 2: Center Organization that Works

    • Creating systems that are sustainable, learning how prepping ahead is the absolute key to less stress, and how to organize in a way that works for you AND your students.

    • In Depth Video of Student Organization and Changing Bin Activities

  • 8

    Section 3: Classroom Management

    • This is your bread and butter to help make centers effective, while YOU get more time to teach your small groups to make the most impact.

  • 9

    Module 3: Center Management

    • Visual supports, explicit expectations, modeling, practice, go slow to go fast, find out your management style.

    • What's Your Management Style?

    • Centers Expectation Lesson Tips

  • 10

    Section 4: Center Accountability

    • This is an essential piece of your students’ learning while during center time. Without accountability, how will you know how your students are doing independently and what supports you need to put in place.

  • 11

    Module 4: Center Accountability

    • Visual success criteria, turn in baskets, paper and/or digital recording, unfinished work, center closure and feedback.

    • Visual Success Criteria Setup

  • 12

    Section 5: Center Activities: Tackling the First Weeks

    • Activities that engage, provide great skill practice, easy to prep, and can be used for multiple skills.

  • 13

    Module 5: Center Activities

    • Activities that engage, provide great skill practice, easy to prep, and can be used for multiple skills.

    • In Action Video

    • List of Easy to Prep Center Activities

  • 14

    Module 6: Tackling the First Weeks

    • Get a recipe for success on how to thrive with centers all year. Create a plan to be explicit with students and help set them up to promote independence.

    • Recipe for Success

  • 15

    The Bonuses

    • Watch the video and snag all the bonuses to get centers up and running in your classroom!

    • Course Completion Certificate

    • Module 1 Bonuses - Center Organization

    • Module 2 Bonuses - Center Organization

    • Module 3 Bonuses - Center Management

    • Module 4 Bonuses - Center Accountability

    • Module 5 Bonuses - Center Activities