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    Course Workbook and Documents

    • Course Workbook

    • Course Credits

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    Module 1: Introduction and Overview

    • An introduction and overview of how the course is setup. As well as what will be gained when the course is complete!

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    Section 1: Classroom Setup

    • In this section, you'll create a plan to set up an organized, efficient classroom that is student centered and fosters independence for the entire year.

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    Module 2: Setup and Organization

    • Systems to organize the classroom in ways that foster student independence and empower students to take control of their own learning by creating an environment that promotes achievement.

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    Module 3: Flow, Functionality, and Seating

    • Learn to utilize wall space and designate room areas for a safe and fun student friendly classroom where student productivity thrives. Plan and setup classroom arrangements based on seating decisions

    • Additional Flexible Seating

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    Section 2: Classroom Community

    • In this section, you'll produce a solid plan to create and foster a tight knit inclusive community of learners who support and challenge one another.

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    Module 4: Positive Classroom Community

    • How to build and foster student and family relationships while learning to create a community that is safe, loving, supportive, and inclusive to ALL students.

    • Morning Meeting Additional Resources

  • 10

    Module 5: Community Building

    • Learn team building activities to kick start the year together and build a strong foundation of teamwork and important social emotional skills to integrate into daily classroom habits

    • Bonus Social Emotional Learning Content

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    Section 3: Classroom Management

    • In this section, you'll learn best practices to allow your classroom *almost* run itself.

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    Module 6: Best Practices

    • Learn and create a plan for implementation of best practices for rules, routines, and consequences.

    • You'll also learn how to manage those daily behind the scenes tasks that must not be forgotten.

  • 13

    Module 7: In Classroom Procedures

    • Begin to plan for in classroom procedures to have a classroom that *almost* runs itself.

    • Planning for ALL the things.

    • Flexible Seating Expectations

    • Planning for important in classroom procedures.

  • 14

    Module 8: Out of Classroom Procedures

    • Plan for classroom procedures for when students are outside of your room.

  • 15

    Module 9: The Workshop Model

    • Learn how to help students learn, grow, and achieve with the workshop model. You'll also learn about fun, hands on, flexible, student centered instruction that helps students thrive.

    • Learn in-depth details about how center time looks.

    • Additional Resources for Centers

    • Setup and plan for the first 6 weeks of workshop model.

    • Additional Workshop Model Resource

    • Secret Stories

  • 16

    Module 10: Wrapping it All Up

    • We'll wrap up ALL the great learning together!


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